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Giuseppe Di Stefano was one of the greatest opera singer of the xx (th) century.

The quality of his voice, the naturalness of phrasing and his interpretation genius have been unanimously recognized in every part of the world. When one speaks of lyric opera, of Italian melodrama, of tenor voices and generally of all the "Bel Canto", it would be impossible not to remember him.

Far from stereotype and from all common places of which are made the stars and the tenors , Giuseppe Di Stefano, beyond his artistic endowment has always been recognized as a man of warm humanity, of instinctive fondness and of sincere generosity, immediately perceivable also in all his interpretations.

These pages dedicated to him, are only an anticipation of a witnessing that in time will provide paying him homage through the collection and the cataloguing of the most significative documents. Here, one will try to recapitulate his prestigious artistic career, his impressionable recordings, his innumerable recognitions, and the authoritative attestations of esteem received during his entire life.

For this purpose we thank in advance anyone who will be able to add further useful elements for the attainment of this goal. For each significant contribution it will naturally be given credit on these pages.

His recent decease has saddened not only all those who had the privilege of listening to him live and of knowing him personally, but also the multitude of fans who had followed him through his recordings.

Numerous are the attestations of sympathy, of esteem and of affection that continue arriving from all over the world.

To everyone goes the thanks of the Family..

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